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Empower Your Teen by Nurturing Your Own Growth

Resources To Support Positive Connection

Feel More at Ease Raising Your Teen

Find knowledge, guidance and support, through a valuable & accessible framework that provides guidance for nurturing conversations.


Communication Breakdown: 

Difficulty in engaging in meaningful conversations with your teenager, leading to misunderstandings, conflicts, and frustration. 

Behavioral Challenges:

Struggling to address or manage challenging behaviors such as rebellion, disrespect, or academic issues, which can strain the parent-teen relationship.

Emotional Distance:

Feeling emotionally disconnected from your teenager, often due to a lack of shared interests, trust issues, or a sense that the teenager is withdrawing.

Parenting Stress:

Coping with the stress and anxiety that can accompany parenting a troubled teenager, which can affect the parent's own well-being and their ability to provide effective support.

Real Life Challenges

A Solution to Support You
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Learn the Skills You Were Never Taught
Support in the Way That You Need It
Continual Growth for You & Your Teen

Deepened Connection:

As you explore your own holistic development, you'll find common ground with your teenager. This shared journey fosters a stronger, more authentic connection.

Role Model for Growth:

By prioritizing your personal growth, you'll become a living example of the power of self-improvement, inspiring your teenager to embark on their path of self-discovery.

Conflict Resolution:

Holistic development equips you with emotional intelligence and communication skills, making it easier to navigate conflicts with your teen and guide them through emotional challenges.

Supportive Environment:

A conscious parent fosters a nurturing atmosphere where teens feel safe to express themselves and explore their own growth.

Generational Healing:

Break the cycle of generational issues by addressing your own, thus providing a healthier foundation for your teenager's future.

Shared Learning:

Create a shared space for common views and understanding. With new language creating a bridge, explore new ways to grow together. 

Benefits of a Holistic Parent-Teen Relationship

Unlock the profound advantages of nurturing a holistic parent-teen relationship. By fostering a deeper, more conscious connection with your teenager, you can embark on a transformative journey that not only benefits your child but also enhances your own personal growth and family dynamics.


Family Legacy Liberation

Embrace your role as a generational steward, making choices today that positively impact your family's future. Start your holistic development journey so you can lead others, and together, we'll create a brighter path for your teenager and the generations to come.

Doing Your Part: 
Changing Patterns for the Future Generations

Welcome to a transformative journey that doesn't just change the present but influences the future - a path where your own self-discovery becomes the beacon guiding your teenager's voyage through life.


In indigenous cultures, the concept of the "7 generations", healing our ow pain so we can pass on wisdom to those that follow us, reminds us that our actions today shape the world our descendants inherit. It's time to embrace your role as a generational steward and make a conscious choice for the betterment of your family.

BBA.LEARNING aims to support parents knowing that creating change withing a family dynamic requires work. 

By providing a complimentary program for adults, we can create a shared space for improved communication and reflection. We see education as the bridge into this shared space. 

Feeling seen, heard and understood is important at every age and we are aiming to create the space for parents to connect and speak about the issues that they face when raising teenagers. 

A Path for Growth: 
Peace of Mind as You Move into the Unknown


Nurturing Emotions,

Building Resilience.

b1504 Gold Leaf Finish.jpg
Holistic Development for Parents: What Do it Include?

Mindfulness Practices: Cultivate presence, patience, and emotional awareness to handle challenging situations with grace.

Self-Reflection: Dive into your own beliefs, values, and behaviors to ensure they align with the conscious parenting you desire.

Effective Communication: Learn to listen actively, empathize, and communicate openly with your teenager.

Emotional Regulation: Equip yourself with tools to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions, setting a positive example for your teen.

Building Resilience: Develop the inner strength to persevere through life's challenges, teaching your teenager resilience by example.

Join the Guiding Lights Program Today!

Invest in your family's future with our holistic development program. Join our community of parents committed to holistic growth and conscious parenting. Together, we'll empower our teenagers to thrive.

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