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Supporting Teachers to Nurture Embodied  Awareness in Lessons

Providing Practical Tools to Support Balance & Regulation

- Recognizing Teachers' Sensitivity

- Supporting Well-being in the Classroom​

- Training for Emotional Awareness

- Enhancing Practices for Holding Space

Are you feeling the pressure in your profession?

We understand. That's why we're leading a movement to prioritise soft skills, empathy, and resilience in education. We want to acknowledge the sensitivity and depth of responsibility demanded of your roles. Let's us support your well-being as you navigate the challenges in your classrooms.

Sharon Loerzer. Family Therapist

 "Teachers' awareness and engagement in emotional well-being can lead to transformative changes in classroom dynamics and student outcomes."
We See Your Needs

Professional Development and Training:

There is a need for ongoing professional development and training to equip teachers with the necessary tools and skills to navigate complex classroom dynamics and foster student engagement effectively.

Emotional Support and Well-being:

Teachers often encounter high levels of stress and emotional strain in their roles, especially when dealing with difficult student behaviors or demanding work environments. Implementing strategies to support teacher well-being and mental health is essential.

Community and Peer Support:

Creating opportunities for teachers to connect with peers, share experiences, and receive encouragement can help foster a sense of community and reduce feelings of isolation or burnout.


Meeting Your Needs

Our Solutions

Practical Tools and Strategies:

Our approach is to offer teacher practical, effective tools and strategies to implement mindfulness, self-awareness, and conflict resolution techniques in the classroom.

In-Person Sessions:

We are offering a range of inset presentations, workshops, programs and resources to support teachers emotional well-being as they navigate the challenges they face in the classroom. 


Training in Emotional Awareness:

We have created a deep-dive training in emotional awareness to practically help teachers effectively manage classroom dynamics and foster a positive learning environment.


Alternative Disciplinary Methods:

In our program, we offer a variety of methods for teachers to guide students in a manner that reduces reliance on traditional disciplinary approaches.

Accessible Informative and Engaging Learning Materials:

We are developing engaging and informative resources to support a shift in awareness and discourse at the individual and collective level.

Skills to Encouraging Self-Reflection and Collaboration:

Skills to encourage self-reflection and collaboration among educators to identify areas for improvement, hold a supportive structure and share best practices.

Inspiring a Movement Towards Change: 

We are working towards building a social movement to promote the importance of compassionate communication in schools, leveraging grassroots motivation and support to effect change at both institutional and classroom levels.

How We Can Create Change in the Classroom and Beyond.

By equipping you with engaging resources to foster collaboration and self-reflection, our approach is centered around building a movement towards deeper emotional awareness and resilience in education. Creating strategies for promoting student well-being and academic success through innovative teaching practices and community-driven initiatives.

Impact That Matters

Creating a more supportive and compassionate learning environment improving well-being for both teachers and students.
Practices for fostering genuine connection and cooperation in the classroom and supporting a more receptive state in students.
Acknowledging teachers' sensitivity and the benefits they can gain from participating in programs aimed at bridging this gap.
Work With Our Team

Inset Days for Teachers: 

Our inset days and workshops are a space for teachers to be heard, voice and share their experiences, receive immediate guidance and tools to start the journey into a more balanced and effective teaching experience.

3 or 5 Day Teacher Support Programs:

Comprehensive teacher support programs delivered over multiple days to equip educators with tools, strategies, and resources for promoting emotional intelligence and creating positive classroom environments.

Accessible Resources to Address Teacher Needs: 

Our accessible resources are designed to support teachers in their emotional self-management journey. We understand the unique challenges educators face, and our resources provide practical tools and strategies to help teachers navigate stress, maintain balance, and foster emotional well-being in the classroom.

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Join Our Community

We invite you or your school to become part of the BBA.LEARNING community and transform the way you approach education and support. Let's work together to empower teenagers to thrive emotionally as well as academically.

Book a Discovery Call

Discover how this platform can benefit your school, students, and parents. Book a discovery call today and take the first step toward a brighter, emotionally aware future.

Book a Discovery Call

Discover how BBA.LEARNING can benefit your school, students, and parents. Book a discovery call today and take the first step toward a brighter, emotionally aware future.



Nurturing Emotions,

Building Resilience.

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