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Guiding Lights: Leading the Way for Young Adults

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This program is for parents, teachers, mentors and adults who wish to guide the journey of a teen and their transition into adulting Do you remember the excitement and uncertainty of crossing that invisible line from being a teenager to becoming an adult? Do you wish you had someone to navigate you through the challenges and complexities of this transformative stage? Look no further! THRESHOLD is here to empower both educators, mentors and parents with the essential tools to guide teenagers through their journey of transitioning into adulting. In this dynamic and thought-provoking course, you will embark on a transformative exploration of the unique challenges faced by today's youth as they navigate the threshold to adulthood. Through a combination of engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective guidance during this critical period. ✅ S.O.U.L Unlock their Journey of Emotional Growth Self-Healing: Empower Resilience Overcoming: Guide Them Through Obstacles Unleashing: Ignite Their Creative Flame Liberation: Nurture A Sense of Freedom ✅ S.P.A.R.K Journey to the Depths of Who They Really Are Self-Discovery: Curiosity about their Passions Practice: Inspire Lifelong Learning Awareness: Attune with Mindful Perspectives Reflection: Celebrate Contemplative Growth Knowledge: Empower with Education ✅ W.I.S.E Embrace the Mind: Both Critical Thinking and Intuition Wisdom: Nurturing the Seeds of Insight Inner Growth: Allow Space for Newness Self-Empowerment: Cultivating Confidence and Independence Evolution: Encouraging their Path of Expansion ✅ Q.U.E.S.T Imagine their Purpose: A life that will continually inspire them Quintessential: Questioning the Essence of Existence Unveiling: Revealing the Truth about Potential Exploration: Navigating the Terrain of Possibility Self-Realisation: Cultivating Authenticity and Self-Awareness Triumph: Celebrating Growth and Fulfilment

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