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BBA Facilitator - 10 Month Training

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This training program is designed to equip facilitators and educators with the knowledge and skills needed to guide students effectively along the development path offered by the BBA supplementary curriculum. It emphasizes compassion, empathy, independence, and the ethical responsibilities of a facilitator while providing practical tools and resources for effective guidance. Module 1: Introduction to BODYBRAIN ALIGNMENT (BBA) 1. Understanding BBA Philosophy 2. BBA Supplementary Curriculum Overview Module 2: Compassionate Guidance and Holding Space 1. Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment 2. Effective Communication 3. Emotional Support and Empathy Module 3: Monitoring Growth and Development 1. Assessment Tools 2. Recognizing Developmental Milestones Module 4: Guiding Practices and Techniques 1. Leading Guided Practices 2. Tailoring Practices to Individual Needs Module 5: Encouraging Independent Learning 1. Fostering Self-Initiated Practice 2. Setting Personal Goals Module 6: Utilizing BBA Resources 1. Navigating the BBA Platform 2. Integrating Curriculum Materials Module 7: Facilitator Ethics and Self-Care 1. Ethical Considerations 2. Self-Care and Burnout Prevention Module 8: Certification and Ongoing Support 1. Final Evaluation and Certification 2. Ongoing Support and Community

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