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Guide's and Mentor's - 6 Month Training

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This comprehensive training program equips guides and mentors with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to effectively guide students through the THRESHOLD development path. By focusing on personal development, compassionate guidance, inner exploration, and monitoring growth, mentors will be well-prepared to empower the next generation on their journey of self-discovery and purposeful living. Module 1: Personal Development and Self-Awareness 1. Introduction to Personal Development 2. Self-Awareness and Self-Reflection 3. Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Module 2: Compassionate Guidance and Holding Space 4. The Art of Compassionate Guidance 5. Creating a Safe and Inclusive Space 6. Empathy and Understanding Module 3: Skills for Guiding Inner Exploration 7. Facilitating Self-Healing 8. Promoting Self-Knowledge 9. Cultivating Maturity and Purpose Module 4: Monitoring Growth and Development 10. Assessment and Feedback 11. Tracking Progress and Milestones 12. Adapting to Individual Needs Module 5: Practical Implementation and Case Studies Module 6: Certification and Continuing Education

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